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Selling Your Vermont Home

Preferred Propertieshas years of experience and extensive marketing in place to accomplish one simple goal: sell your home. You can trust in us knowing that we take great pride and are the absolute bestin our ability to effectively marketing your property more than any other real estate company in Vermont.

Preferred Properties Marketing Strategy

Our marketing is designed to get your listing everywhere, reaching as many potential buyers as possible. The first step of this is the MLS - Multiple Listing Service:

  • The MLS givies you listing exposure to thousands of Vermont and NH realtors who are working with qualified buyers!
  • Detailed listing sheets with up to 24 photos and a virtual tour!
  • Automatic email notification to thousands of buyers with new listings, price modifications and miscellaneous changes

Our online advertising places your listing EVERYWHERE. Your listing is placed on the Attacca Realty web network, featuring advanced search routines to direct buyers directly to YOURlisting. In addition, we utilize Listhub, the nation's premier network for listing asset management, which automatically uploads your property onto the most widely used real estate sites.

We offer an enhanced listing package on, the #1 Real Estate website in the world, making sure you are alway sin the top search rankings!

We also run weekly print advertisments, including line ads and Snapshot photo ads in the Burlington Free Press and ads in the Real Estate Extra and other local newspapers throughout Vermont.

We also place ads in Livin' The Vermont Way magazine, found in hundreds of medical offices, B&B's, Restaurants and Hotels throughout New England.

Attacca Offers Extensive Marketing Materials

Perhaps most importantly we cooperate and encourage all Realtors to show and sell your listing.To facilitate this, we provide them with extensive marketing materials, maps and data specific to your property right in the multiple listing system. We also allow your listing to be placed on all our competitors websites. Since Realtors are commissioned sales people, we feel it is important that we compensate them well and split our commission 50/50 with any Realtor that brings forward a qualified buyer.