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Reach qualified buyers looking for a property like yours

When it comes to marketing your property, we don't take the responsibility lightly. Regardless of the value of your property, you can expect the same attention-to-detail, high-quality marketing materials, and expert advice that we would bring for properties worth millions.

Once you sign a marketing agreement with us, we get to work completing our boots-on-the-ground fieldwork and creating high-quality, thorough marketing materials in-house to showcase to buyers around the globe.

But we go beyond creating high-quality marketing materials. We heavily invest our marketing dollars where we know buyers for a property like yours are looking right now. The single most powerful tool in our marketing strategy is our exclusive partnership with the national marketing powerhouse, LandLeader, which will provide your property with unparalleled national exposure through multi-media channels, including the network, which sees 9x more traffic than all other land sites combined. We know our marketing system works, and here's how:

A typical real estate agency only procures a buyer through their own marketing efforts 15% of the time, while the remaining 85% of the time another agency brings the buyer. Our marketing systems are directly responsible for producing a buyer that purchases our clients' properties over 70% of the time.

And when buyers turn from prospects to qualified buyers, we're ready to show them your property anytime, no matter the season or weather. We provide the right equipment for the right property: we're equipped with 4x4 high clearance vehicles, snowshoes, boats, and ATVs and UTVs with tracks for snow if needed. Not only will your prospective buyers have the opportunity to see the entire property, but they'll also have a memorable experience to walk away with as well.

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