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Easy Out Agreement

We place a strong emphasis on building positive relationships with our clients. Our goal is to avail you of all the information we possibly can and allow you make a decision you’re happy with, with no pressure or obligation. With that in mind, we offer an exclusive Easy Out Listing Agreement for all of our listings.

If you’re not satisfied with our marketing efforts, services, or if dissatisfied for any other reason, you may terminate your listing agreement with Preferred Properties with 24 hours notice. Just give us a call, we’ll give you the form to sign and within 24 hours you’re out of the agreement. It’s that simple.

We’re not a large, faceless company that wants to lock you into a long-term exclusive contract, we want to make sure you make the best decisions that work for you.

We are proud of our services and believe they are the best in Vermont. This is how we guarantee it!