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6 Design Tips to Make Space in a Small Kitchen

With all of the different kitchen gadgets out there, it can be really easy to fill up even the largest of kitchens. A smaller kitchen requires that every bit of space be well organized so items don't end up stacked on the counters—especially when counter space is limited. With a little creativity and patience a small kitchen can accommodate all your stuff with room to spare. Here are some ideas to create more space in any kitchen:

Cabinets that Reach the Ceiling
There is a lot of wasted space above traditional kitchen cabinets. Having cabinets go all the way to the ceiling adds another level of storage. If changing the cabinets isn't an option, use the top of the cabinets to store rarely used items, like large bowls or small appliances. Just make sure to dust and clean up there so dirt doesn't pile up.

A Hanging Pot Rack
Going upward is often a great way to create more space. Pots and pans can be awkward when put in a drawer or on a shelf. Every time you need to use a pot, it's always the one on the bottom. Not only does a hanging pot rack eliminate this problem, it leaves shelf space open for something else.

Add Extra Shelves
You can buy shelves at most stores with kitchen departments. More shelves makes it easy to stack the small plates above the large plates. Or use them to stack small food items on top of each other. Extra shelves are great for using the height in your cabinets, which might otherwise be wasted space.

A Hutch
The cabinets in a small kitchen will fill up fast, so supplementing with a hutch or buffet can be a lifesaver. What goes into the hutch will depend on where you have space to put it. If it is in the kitchen, it can be great for food or dishes that are used regularly. But if it ends up in the dining room, storing your lesser used items such as canned goods or fancy dishes would be a better option.

A Lazy Susan
Corner cabinets can become a waste of space. A Lazy Susan makes a great use of space because everything is accessible. It may seem like more stuff can be piled into a normal shelf, but it gets way too frustrating to dig things out all the time. A Lazy Susan makes the corner shelf more usable because everything is easy to find.

Over the Sink Cutting Board
Having a cutting board that sits over your sink can give you a little more counter space. This comes in handy when you have run out of counter space and need to chop something up quickly. The edges of the cutting board are made so that it fits perfectly in the sink and is pretty solid. It's nice to have the option of putting out the cutting board to create a bit of space that wasn't there before.

If remodeling your kitchen isn't an option, using some of these design tips can make your small kitchen seem larger.

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