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Property Marketing

Attacca Realty offers a comprehensive marketing plan to ensure that potential tenants find your property. This includes:

  • Extensive photos taken of the property.

  • Full 3D Virtual Tour

  • Posted in the Multiple Listing Service along with a special bulletin.

  • Email Flyer to county realtors

  • Notify Local Companies:

    • IBM
    • Fletcher Allen Health Care
    • General Dynamics
    • GE Healthcare
    • NRG Systems
    • Ben & Jerry's

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Finding a Tenant

In addition to our extensive marketing, Attacca Realty works with you to ensure the you are able to easily find a tenant for your property, including:

  • Property showings: Attacca Realty will show your rental property to interested parties.
  • Managing all inqueries that come in regarding the property.
  • Applications and paperwork: Neccessary applications and all paperwork is provided to potential tenants.
  • Credit reports, background checks and reference checks are completed for potential clients to ensure you can make an informed decision when selecting a tenant.
  • Leases are created and sent to the tenant.

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Background Check Services

Whether you utilize our other landlord services or not, Attacca Realty is a leading local provider of comprehensive background checks for potential tenants, allowing you to make an informed tenant selection. Our background check turnaround is generally under 48 hours.

We offer two levels of background check services:

  • Credit Check - $25 - A complete credit check on your potential tenant.

  • Comprehensive Background Check - $50 - Including a credit check and a national criminal background check on your potential tenant.

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