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Impact Marketing System

The IMPACT MARKETING SYSTEM TM sets Preferred Properties apart from other agencies.
It is a calculated methodology in how to position your property in the current market, build a comprehensive marketing package, provide the broadest range of marketing exposure and of course, negotiate for the best terms on the sale of your property.  Any agent can list your property in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), but only Barb and Curtis Trousdale from Preferred Properties will make an IMPACT—Before, During and After the sale.

Overview of the

Before the Sale
•    Positioning Appointment – It is crucial to design a customized marketing plan specific to your property so as to expertly position it for the current market.  This is the most imperative step in the process of selling; the most difficult for a seller to hear to and sometimes comprehend, and the step most often failed by other agencies. During this consultation, we’ll conduct a “Property Positioning Analysis” to identify how to price and market your property, as well as pinpoint your individual goals and needs.
•    Straight Talk Review – We will have an in-depth discussion about what your goals are, with a realistic view of what is right for you and how we can help you successful in achieving them. We’ll help you stage your property, create tasks to stay on track during the selling process, and facilitate the smoothest possible transaction.
•    Vendor Connections – Based on your review, we’ll dive into our large network of Preferred Vendors to help you select the right professionals whom you may require during your sale. It serves as an added bonus to know that these are all people that we have a positive business history with, so you can rest assured that we aren’t blindly recommending someone from the yellow pages.

During the Sale
•    Expert Exposure – With 20+ years of combined experience in real estate marketing, Barb and Curtis Trousdale know how to successfully expose your home to qualified buyers who are actively looking and ready to purchase. Our full time Marketing Systems Specialist and Listing Systems Specialist are experts in creating dynamic marketing materials, syndicating your listing to literally 1000’s of the best real estate search sites, spreading the word through social media, YouTube and sites such as Craigslist.  Additionally, more than any other agency, we are experts at using the local REALTOR network and MLS to the fullest. What this all adds up to is the greatest marketing exposure IMPACT you can have.
•    Seamless Listing Process – One of the keys to the Impact Marketing SystemTM is a proprietary 95 point marketing check list system which guarantees your property receives every resource we provide.  The process, from start to finish, is overseen daily by our Management Systems Specialist.
•    Constant Contact and Market Assessment – Having your property on the market can be stressful, but with Barb and Curtis Trousdale as your backbone, you can rest easy knowing that they are committed to handling every detail and will stay in constant, direct contact with you. They continually monitor and assess your property’s marketing statistics and offer strategies to react to market demands.
•    Experienced Negotiations – Barb and Curtis Trousdale are trained negotiators performing as team 10 times the number of transactions as the average Vermont Realtor.  When they have a buyer or multiple buyers who wish to purchase your property, they have the knowledge, talent, and experience to effectively negotiate the best terms for the ideal outcome for you.
•    Satisfaction Guaranteed with our No Commitment Listing Agreement – We are so confident in our experience and efforts that we put it in writing —if you are not satisfied with our services for any reason – FIRE US! No hidden fees, no hidden buyout, no hassle.  You are in control—the way it should be!  

After the Sale
•    The Long Haul –
Our service doesn’t end at the closing table! Many agents collect their check and dash away, never to be heard from again. Even worse, some agents don’t attend the closing; only the Broker you have never met does!  With Barb and Curtis Trousdale, they remain in contact with you and promise that they are always just a phone call or email away should you ever have any questions or concerns post-sale. They pride themselves in helping their clients with post sales consulting such as:

  • Home improvements and their impact on future value
  • Current Market Value evaluation for refinancing
  • Guidance with property tax reduction through the town grievance process
  • Notary services and much more…



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